1. avatar the*optimist
    I'm not very experienced with the old standup so was just looking for some recommendations on venues that would be good for putting on a gig of that sort! Smallish ones maybe a couple of hundred people max.

    Cheers very much!
  2. avatar LolaDivine
    I'm not sure if your asking to host a gig or just perform so i have answered both potential questions -

    IF you are asking for a venue so you can host a gig then its a tough one, if ur are lookin to run an entire evening, regularly, it might be somewhat difficult - in that- every man and his dog are trying to start one in belfast at the minute. the empire (obviously) has it sorted, mchughs has one - which seems to be doing fairly well, so does pavilion which is now weekly, black box one is getting in fairly big names too. the attempt to start one in laverys failed miserably, crowds just were not interested. i dunno if enquiries have been made into Blick Studios - but i think they expect a fee for use of rooms. stick with bars, ones with seats preferably - although in all honesty its the same comedians generally doing all of those so unless u have something realy special up your slieve you may find it rather competitive and repetitive out there.

    HOWEVER, if your are a comedian urself, all of the above, especially the pavilion, are looking for performers, you'll get on almost right away. its a pretty sweet place to start. i know a few of its regulars now do empire ,mchughs, black box, and odessy too.

    feel free to pm me if you want any contact details...