1. avatar Stu TRC
    Rinka presents Skruff live..........



    DESCRIBE IN THREE WORDS: Absolute Crowd Favourites. CROWD REACTION: A huge turnout for these lads. From start to finish the crowd couldn't get enough of them and their immense stage presence. With crowd surfing and pogoing a-plenty, the energy from both the band and those dancing around was going to be tough to beat. REMARKABLE MOMENT: As mentioned, the stage presence from these guys gets better every time. The stand out track and highlight of the moment for me was 'Fabulous Weapon'. Funky, rocky, catchy. Without doubt, one of the overall festival highlights. GLASGOWBURY '08 RATING OUT OF TEN:9 ........................................ BBC, ATL -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    With Guest DJ's Eat Sound & Dance and Visuals from Little Lumo
  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Skruff are one of the unsung heroes of the live scene. Coral style quasi-psyche freakouts? Yes please. I'll be down, for one.

    edit; Actually no. I have Morrissey tix. sorry guys. But you should still show up...
  3. avatar isis
    What time does the first band kick off at this? x
  4. avatar jenniemcc

    I love Skruff. Glad to see them back in Belfast.
  5. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    saturday is turning out to be quite the gigfest
  6. avatar jobby
    Bumpidy!! :D
  7. avatar Stu TRC
    [quote:6a491130b4]What time does the first band kick off at this? x[/quote:6a491130b4]

    doors 10.00pm

    Skruff 11.15pm
  8. avatar jobby