1. avatar smiths_man
    I have spent the last couple of days scouring the local music scene here via most of the bands that receive a mention on FastFude. I think this is an excellent site by the way and, coming from England as I do, the site has certainly whetted my appetite for some of the local Belfast bands (and beyond). I was a frequent gig-goer back home (in London) and now that I'm just about settled here I am really looking forward to checking out some of the bands from here. The best by far in no particular order are:

    Jackson Cage
    Rainbow Corner
    Cashier No. 9
    Tinpot Operation
    The Vals

    I havent seen any of these bands live, although I did see Jackson Cage on Limelight show, but from what I have heard on the respective MySpaces, all these bands are very exciting and blow anything else I have heard out of the water. Including the snow patrols of this world.
    P.S havent checked out any Southern Irish bands yet. If anyone has anything to reccommend I would be grateful.
  2. avatar JonnyTiernan
    Not sure if you have seen this article before, but this is a good place to hear a lot of quality NI music...

  3. avatar Chi-Lite

    I made at least two of those bands what they are...and I'm working on the other three.

    Fair play.....to me....for being so great. :wink:
  4. avatar smiths_man
    Nice one Chi-lite. Which have you seen live? Jackson Cage are playing this Thursday I see from their website so i'll check that out. What about the others? Seen any of them?
  5. avatar Devilspain
    check out john shelly and the creatures. we've a tonne of dates in may you maybe interested.


    also playing mchughs on tuesday night with katie and the carnival. should be a laugh.

    good luck with your music conquest :)
  6. avatar Nocarsgo
    I second John Shelly and the Creatures. Great live band, catchy as hell as well.
  7. avatar smiths_man
    John Shelly - very good. I missed them somehow. Like it. Very catchy. Thats another one to the list.
  8. avatar KeithC
    Yep we (Jackson Cage) are playing this Thursday in The Empire Music Hall along with the vey talented Ten Gallon Hat and The Big Salute, Captain Kennedy and Black Eye Friday.
    Its gona be great! :-D
  9. avatar smiths_man
    Looking forward to that Keith. Really like that country style rock/folk style you got going on there. Breathe of fresh air. Good luck
  10. avatar edentown
    If you like this you should check out www.myspace.com/edentown
  11. avatar markbass555
    try and check out ten gallon hat and the big salute.. playing the spring and airbreak on the 6th and 8th may.

    hope to see you there
  12. avatar Aceley
    maybe some of these?

  13. avatar drumloop
    Seen Rainbow Corner the other night in Laverys and they were great..
  14. avatar electriccircus
    delerium tremens
    in the name of
  15. avatar loveisthelaw

    personal favourites
  16. avatar Nocarsgo
    LaFaro are a most excellent band and they're playing a show on 14th July. Tuppenny Nudger was voted the best song of AU's lifetime, which is some going.

    A Plastic Rose are pretty excellent, too. They're not revolutionary, but what they do, they do very well.


    I'm quite a big fan of Heliopause as well.

  17. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    check out



  18. avatar anty2

    Number two in the NIcharts for the second week running. Yeah I think im going to exhaust that line very soon

    I agree with Lafaro & Delerium Tremens, both fantastic acts. Check out Iago and of course us :D
  19. avatar Wookalily
  20. avatar dubhdavidblack
    yakuza. yup they've been around a couple years sure, but I have it on good authority that their upcoming record is pretty freakin' great.

    [size=8:2ea0ec8c0a]...even if i [i:2ea0ec8c0a]did[/i:2ea0ec8c0a] just happen to mix it, I'm purely un-biased[/size:2ea0ec8c0a] :D
  21. avatar outcomethepunx
    Throwin us in the mix.. www.myspace.com/understarsandgutters

    as well as my personal favs
  22. avatar exitonline
    [quote:55e2e81926="smiths_man"]I have spent the last couple of days scouring the local music scene here via most of the bands that receive a mention on FastFude.[/quote:55e2e81926]

    There's allot of great bands and musicians who don't get mentioned here on fastfude out doing their own thing. Our personal favourites that we have either played with or seen live include:

    Simon McBride (blues trio)
    Electric Circus
    Cara & The Bad Habits
    Universal Remedy

    With regards to bands from down south, either Mesner or Tarrintino
  23. avatar roryb
    I am no longer with this band but give them a go myspace.co/thevarionis there power indie sort of good live
  24. avatar drumloop
    Rainbow Corner are launching their debut album on Friday 19 June in The Kings Head, Belfast. Should be a good night