1. avatar username
    Dreamcast console

    No controllers
    No plugs or connections
    No games

    It does work to the best of my memory

    open to offers(pms please)
  2. avatar rl-vl
    sounds shite!
  3. avatar silvercord
    ...Suppose ill pass
  4. avatar malachyisdead
    I'll give you a Twix for it.
  5. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    those things were shite when they first came out.
    shove it up yer arse.
    or, if it's offers your after, I know a man who'll happily shove it there for you... :smt118
  6. avatar supershedseven
    Ill give you a blue tie, a curleywurley, a bent fire-guard, 4 e's and a copy of Select from 1997?
  7. avatar Alex-Circadian
    *In Napoleon Dynamite voice*

    This is pretty much the worst thread ever.
  8. avatar supershedseven
    How about a skip to put it in? :D