1. avatar Captain Kennedy
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  2. avatar silvercord
    Nice and tasty, Cant wait lads, should be class, Day after my final exam Dont ya know. Good way to start it

  3. avatar Captain Kennedy

    Tickets will be available very, very soon! Details to follow.....
  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Tickets for this gig are now available from Barista or the Ceili House. Or you could always send me a PM and I could sort ye out.
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
  6. avatar swaneeriver
    Cant wait for this, were playing with UFO a few hours before then hightailing it to Lurgan the land of Buckfast, lock-ins and the music mafia Kerr family for a night of rock and roll.

    Our bass player is not doing this one and we have recruited Jonny (Red Organ serpent sound, ard ri, the new capriis) to fill his boots. practices are going well and we are getting pretty tight with him...

    lets hope we raise a good bit of dough for this

  7. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Hello y'all! Just a quick bump for this Charity gig due to take place on Friday. I done a wee interview with BBC Radio One NI tonight (thanks Steven!) so have a listen in to Rory McConnell's show on Wednesday night!

    Remember, all proceeds from the gig go to the Ulster Cancer Foundation.
  8. avatar kerrfiddle
    [quote:b2d4d6a483="swaneeriver"]Lurgan the land of Buckfast, lock-ins and the music mafia Kerr family for a night of rock and roll.


    No better way to describe a night in Lurgan!

    canny wait :-D
  9. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Tomorrow night! Remember, all proceeds go to the Ulster Cancer Foundation........a worthy cause!
  10. avatar MICROLIP
    Cant wait for this, This will prob be the first time in history that Lurganites and Portadownians unite! All for a great cause too. Get the flims out!
  11. avatar reilly
    Keeep er litttt ladsss!!! Cant fucking wait! Lets kick it off with a massive slap in the nuts! bit of self promo:

    Silvercord on first! Be there for some mind blowing music ^_^

    We'll fuck you up
  12. avatar reilly
    Anybody headin down to this shindig?? Guaranteed to be an awesome night's craic!