1. avatar quietussect
    My first post!
    Has anyone got any ideas of some promotors in ireland putting on experimental gigs? www.myspace.com/quietussect
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  2. avatar rentaghost
    experimental how, exactly?
  3. avatar quietussect
    ambient and slow.www.myspace.com/quietussect
  4. avatar DaveP
    check out almighty promotions and rubidium records on my space.!
  5. avatar Iso9
    i'd do some if i thought anyone would come. but they wouldn't, so i don't.
  6. avatar Estrella Ojos
    Join the new group on Facebook:


    The idea is to create a network of folks who are involved in such musics.
  7. avatar thesneakybandit
    I'd never put on any act who had no Myspace friends or any biog information or anything on their site, experimental or not...
  8. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Yeah, cos myspace friends is the sign of quality.

    "But we must be good, Jeff Buckley and Kurt Cobain like our band!"
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  9. avatar The Ronster
    It's an indicator whether or not the band in question would make an effort to promote themselves for a gig though.
  10. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Maybe they've just got better things to do than spend an hour on myspace clicking on every band they can think of?

    To be honest it seems like a pretty stupid criteria to judge a band by. Sorry, your music is fantastic, but you've no myspace friends...

    How many myspace friends is enough to get a gig in Belfast? Is it a sliding scale, once you get 30,000MSF do you start getting invited to play in London?
  11. avatar izzys_return
    33,021 MSF is the actual amount for a london gig, coincidently the same amount needed to go to abudabi
  12. avatar thesneakybandit
    I would wonder in this day and age if a band didn't have a network on followers on Myspace, Facebook or whatever and weren't allowed to flypost (!) then how they go about promoting their band, getting people to hear their music and thereby getting people down to gigs... especially if they're a new band where word of mouth isn't going to mean a thing.
  13. avatar my-angel-rocks
    And yet you believe that adding someone on Myspace is an indication of a "following".

    How are bands supposed to get a following if they don't get to play gigs because they don't have a following to allow them to play gigs?
  14. avatar fastfude
    Is there any evidence to show that having a Myspace profile has any value whatsoever?

    Surely by now it's just bands adding other bands, posting their own gig poster in your comment list then fucking off and never looking at your profile again?

    There is no accountable relationship between a myspace 'friend' and someone who will come to your gig or buy your music or merch.

    Burn the false metrics!
  15. avatar fastfude
    [quote:9938507d53="thesneakybandit"]especially if they're a new band where word of mouth isn't going to mean a thing.[/quote:9938507d53]Shirley, word of mouth is the single most effective tool a new band has? What use is a myspace profile to a new band? They'd be one of millions. Word of mouth would actually single them out as something to take note of.
  16. avatar Clements
    Surely myspace is just a page where you can upload a few mp3s to give people a feel for your music. I agree to a certain extent with Ronster though, if you get the impression that a band has no promotional know-how & lacks the all important get-the-f-ck-out-of-bed-&-do-something-about-it, then the promoter's probably better off getting somebody else. I'm not sure myspace is the place to measure that anymore, but where is?