1. avatar Captain Kennedy
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  2. avatar LolaDivine
    this gonna be bangin! can't wait!
  3. avatar dombrog
    This Thursday folks. Should be a good night
  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Black Eyed Friday are also playing!
  5. avatar Jeebas
    Aye, really lookin' forward to seeing Black Eye Friday, haven't had a chance to see them lately - the rest of yous are wick though... ;-)
  6. avatar dombrog
  7. avatar dombrog
    This is tonight. :-D
  8. avatar dombrog
    Big thanks to the bands and those that made it down last night. Great fun altogther. Bill for the next Gifted coming soon
  9. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Here, tell ye what, after most gigs you get the usual "Aye, youse were class. Aye, so were youse" backslapping.......

    But I can honestly say I heard 4 unbelievable lead singers (including our own) on that bill last night. A really class night and a pleasure to get sharing the stage with some quality bands.