1. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    We R A Band Influenced Heavily By Bands Like Oasis, The Beatles, The Verve, The Stone Roses Etc Etc

    We R Still A Singer And Drummer Short

    We Arent Up For Fuckin Around We R Lookin For Deticated People With A Passion For Rock"N"Roll

    All Original Material

    Must Be Aged 18-20

    Get In Touch If Interested

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  2. avatar isis
    18-20? It's an all ages band then?
  3. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    hows that work out?
  4. avatar isis
    it works out as sarcasm. sorry
  5. avatar TheMonkeySlaves
    haha got a bit confused there lol. maybe 20s still a bit young. fuck it 18-22 shud do. do u know any1?