1. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    As well as wanting an old 360, im now on the hunt for a G1.
    If anyone has one and doesn't like it or just wants a change, give me a shout :)
    Don't worry if it's locked, I'll soon remedy that ;)
    Also, If anyone has a WM 6.1 phone, as in one of the Xda series, or HTC branding, I've got some nifty flash menus and whatnot programmed to make your life a bit easer for texting and general phone usage.
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    not to hijack your thread but i have a g1 and i have to say it is awesome - like an open source iphone. in the uk they are pretty much tied to a 18 month contract so good luck in sourcing one!
  3. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    yeah, i want to get the new cupcake update and then get root access for some tom foolery xD
    I'm now in possession of 3 xbox 360s, on my quest to find one with the magical 4548 kernel. If anyone wants a cheap 360 drop me a PM