1. avatar wannywan
    I've blown a few valves (I think) in my lovely AC30 CC2 and need to repair it.

    I've heard Bairds is the place to go, I also bought it there originally.

    Does anyone know how much I'd expect to pay for a repair and a complete new set of valves installed?

    Ta muchly.
  2. avatar thunderchild
    I wouold suggest that you make contact with Tony Hamilton who goes under the handle of rahamilton. Tony is a Jedi Master of valve amps. He absolutely transformed my Marshall Jubilee series head - I've owned it from new and it has never sounded better after Tony worked his magic.
  3. avatar wannywan

    Found his e-mail on here and e-mailed.
  4. avatar Kaya rehersals/recordings
    Tony Hamilton - [snipped] Great guy,really knows his stuff.
  5. avatar fastfude
    Phone number removed by Tony's request.

    Conventional forum etiquette is to never post personal mobile/landline numbers, only official published business numbers.

    Tony can be contacted via private message on his user profile: [url=/profile.php?id=212]rahamilton[/url]