1. avatar Hoth System
  2. avatar brons
    My first post!
    Just wondering if Morrissey ticket for Omagh gig is still available and how much?
  3. avatar Hoth System
    Hi brons. Yep - ticket still available - you're my first respondant (and this includes trying to flog it on Morrissey.solo). So its yours if you want it for 33 nicker.
  4. avatar brons
    Hi. i am definitely interested in buying the ticket. However i live in Dublin and am just going to Omagh next Friday afternoon.Not sure how we can get around this.
  5. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    paypal and post!
  6. avatar Hoth System
    [quote:71a151b2d4="p-t-rebel-mc"]paypal and post![/quote:71a151b2d4]

    Hmmm ... not sure I could be arsed with the hassle if the ticket doesn't arrive on time. Does Paypal guarantee delivery of goods to the buyer? If so and I receive a paypal payment from you I'll post it you first class on the day I get the money. I suppose I can get a certificate of delivery from the post office to prove I've posted it.

    OR ... I take it you don't know anyone in Belfast who is going to the Omagh gig that you could ask to meet me ASAP to exchange ticket and payment for you? I'm sure I'll be able to shift the ticket at some point before the gig (especially as all I want is face value). Ideally I'd like to get rid of it before the Friday so I don't have to bother trying to flog the ticket outside the gig or arguing with some scumbag tout who wants to rip me off (I'm still going, by the way - this is a spare ticket).

    I think the only other option might be for me to continue trying to sell it to someone who can meet me in Belfast and pay me. BUT if I can't find a buyer then I can let you know on Friday morning (Mourning...) and if you still haven't found a ticket I'll guarantee that I can meet you outside the venue before the gig and I'll sell you it then. If that sounds like a goer PM me your mobile. Hopefully I will sell it before hand, but you never know.

    Any other interested parties (ideally who can meet me in Belfast to pay cash) - the ticket is still available.

  7. avatar brons
    Unfortunately i don't know anyone in Belfast. I can send you the money by paypal now and you could post the ticket to my parent's house in the Co. Tyrone, then it would definitely get there before Friday. Or i could meet you at the gig - my mobile number is 00353 858380101. Thanks. Bronagh
  8. avatar Hoth System
    Bronagh - PM'ed.