1. avatar Dr Harley
    www.circlemagazine.co.uk , a new webzine based in N Ireland and focused on independent music (internationally) as well as the local music scene requires talented writers to write gig reviews, album reviews & features.

    Get in touch at: circlemagazine@aol.com
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  2. avatar JonnyTiernan
    This seems like a cool and worthy venture, I wish you the best of success with it.

    However, I'd appreciate if you didn't crib content verbatim from the AU website. I'm talking specifically about the gig guide. It has just been copied over from our site, and as our team spend a fair bit of time sourcing and formatting those listings, it's a wee bit irritating to see that work appearing elsewhere without permission or credit.
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    Me an' all
  5. avatar Dr Harley
    Still recruiting and looking for contributors...
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