1. avatar sketchy
    free entrance into belfast's biggest indie-dance party via our new blog


    also, an incredible hour long mix from paul hamill to download and keep (check the first blog) and some tuneage uploads, photos etc etc
  2. avatar sketchy
    some tunes to download, a few hour long mixes, loads of photos and a couple of videos from the absolute madness that was Calvin Harris at sketchy last night....

  3. avatar Deestroyer
    Hang on, are you saying you're not using twitter? Uh-oh..
  4. avatar smittennn
    waaayback when Sketchy was in the Menagerie there was a Sober Santa dancing all night. (me)

    I know i tipple sometimes now Yet Calvin Harris not drinking is a GOOD THING
    x up XCalvin Harrisx!

    i was not that fussed on him until someone sent me the video of i'm not alone.
    the builds :-) the riffs :shock: the moves ;-)

    love the sketchy.