1. avatar jenniemcc
    Liverpool Sound City 20-23 May

    ASIWYFA, Ed Zealous, Jane Bradfords and Strait Laces all confirmed today.


  2. avatar smiths_man
    My first post!
    Seen 2 of these bands recently on the Limelight show and they were both pathetic. Checked the other 2 out on MySpace and exactly the same result appears. Is this what N. Irish music is serving up these days as good? Pitiful.
  3. avatar silvercord
    Its alright, You dont have to admit your wrong.
  4. avatar smiths_man
    wrong about what exactly?
  5. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Wrong about ASIWYFA at least.
  6. avatar smiths_man
    I havent heard a lyric yet! Havent heard a harmony or vocal. Just had another listen there. Music aint bad in fairness but I dont what all the fuss is about regarding this band. I remember the Housemartins used to do instrumentals in the 1980's. Now that was musical quality - with and without instruments. Anyone can make noise really.
  7. avatar silvercord
    Listen to 'Tonight the city Burns' EP Guest vocals on that

    and as For melodies, You clearly arent given these guys a chance,

    Even 'Dont waste time doing things you hate' has a vocal chant, which is amazing live. If your not impressed by these guys, your a very hard man to please.
  8. avatar Team Horse
    Smiths Man, you're entitled to your opinion, just as I'm entitled to give you my opinion that your opinion is shit.
  9. avatar smiths_man
    Just like your name dickweed
  10. avatar thepostboxtheory
    Someone's grumpy..

    You cant not like a band just because they're instrumental. You didn't even give them a chance to get into your good books.

    I think you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. :D
  11. avatar Pavel
    Wise up :lol:...
  12. avatar Mykie3
    My first post!
    I really don't like ASIWYFA either like, but thats mainly because the whole instrumental/post-rock kinda thing has never impressed me anyway.
  13. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Fair enough Mykie, that I can understand.

    But for someone to come up with "I haven't heard a lyric yet!" as to judge a band, is pretty fucking stupid.
  14. avatar Team Horse
    [quote:f114baa20d="smiths_man"]Just like your name dickweed[/quote:f114baa20d]

    And good day to you too. Have a nice life. 8)
  15. avatar jenniemcc
    Eh, the point of this thread was to say CONGRATS and GOOD WORK to the bands that have been chosen to play.
  16. avatar Team Horse
    But Jen, you know the drill on here. Can't actually go and congratulate bands for hard work being rewarded. :wink:

    I'm sorry my trusty anti-negativity guard slipped momentarily.

    Well done to all the acts! :-D
  17. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Yep indeed.

    Especially pleased to see that 3 out of the 4 are North Coast bands. We are back with a bang!
  18. avatar jenniemcc
    I know, what's going on with that?! Do you put something in the water up there?
  19. avatar returnofthedogs
    up the North Coast hay
  20. avatar Chi-Lite
    We were actually asked to play that as well, but they were'nt offering enough of a fee to cover expenses.

    I wonder did those bands all negotiate more than we did, or did they get cheaper flights or whatever? The Wednesday we were due to play.

    Obviously I wouldn't ask like, because it's none of my business.

    just makes ye wonder whether other people are better negotiators than us, ya know....

    ha, probably no doubt about it....I'd play a gig for a buttered bap and a packet of Bikers...I wouldn't even push for the Roysters
  21. avatar pauldoherty
    yeah Heebie Jeebies on the 20th we were asked to play (The Vals)
  22. avatar thesacredhearts
    We're getting 2 bags of bacon fives and a cola tip top each (not frozen though).
  23. avatar Chi-Lite
    See, I'd have done it for that....well, possibly with a Mr Chew bar for afters.

    We went in too high, didn't we?
  24. avatar thesacredhearts
    Ooh well look at Mr La-de-dah and his buttered bap!
  25. avatar stevieo
    Come on now Marty, yous go over for the cheap drink!!
  26. avatar Chi-Lite
    Well, that's true as well like, but on this occassion the cost of the flights was going to negate the savings on drink. :-D