1. avatar pauldoherty
    Hi there, just looking to see if anyone about here does a recording service that would come along to our practice room and record drums tracks only?

    Would need to be good quality. Give me a shout sure at thevalsinfo@yahoo.com or p'm with availability and prices.


  2. avatar JoanneNicole

    You should give sam davisdon a call he's the engineer for MADD studios and also owns his own studio and label

    Hope this is useful

  3. avatar Komodo Studios (Alwyn)
    I can do this. a large part of my work is location-based, so I've got a van, a mobile PT HD rig, acoustic treatment, great mics and experience. I've recorded entire albums on location. You can call me on 02892 688285.
  4. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    You's doing the recording for the album yourselves Paul?

    Going well?
  5. avatar pauldoherty
    Hi Stephen,
    just doing demo's at the moment for certain tracks. Goin really well cheers mate :-)
  6. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    Ryan Mitchell can do a good job also