1. avatar fastfude
    I've put together a basic [url=/recruitment.php]Recruitment Listings[/url] page to help people looking for like-minded musicians or to fill a hole in their lineup.

    All you need to do is edit your [url=/profile_edit.php]user profile[/url], under the 'bands' section add any instruments you can play (competently). One per line, just the general instrument name and no extra text.
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  2. avatar thebatgranny
    Pretty good. Perhaps you could add a wee radio button that you could check to say if you are looking to be recruited? -
  3. avatar fastfude
    I did have originally, but then though "why clog the list up with people who don't want to be recruited anyway?".

    The assumption at present is if you list your instruments, you're open to an approach by other musicians, and if you're not, don't list 'em.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Oh. I'm very happy with my current triangle playing position but I'd like to be able to say "I play triangle". Having the radio button for available/unavailable would allow you to display my triangle skills in my user profile, but not display it in the recruitment list.
  5. avatar Chi-Lite
    Of course, it's a problem when you hit the wee link that you've helpfully put on the top of the page, and it brings you to someone else's profile who happens to work in the same building.

    I'll not say who, but if you ever find your profile saying that you play the skin flute, it's because Roger has allowed me access to your account.

  6. avatar fopp
    That's quality. But when I look at that list, I only see you playing the skin flute.

    Double entendre. Great.
  7. avatar Chi-Lite
    Ha! hoisted by my own lan-yard.

    seems that when i make changes to this other person's profile, it changes mine....and when he changes his profile, it also changes mine....as my own now says I play in a different band.

    Either way, it's messing up my profile and log in with that of someone else. So sort it fucking out, roger!
  8. avatar fastfude
    Who is the other user?
  9. avatar Chi-Lite
    PM'ed ye....he may not want to admit to working in the same building as me
  10. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Hate to be a nuisance but you should group 'Bass' and 'Bass Guitar' together. (my bad)

    Also 'learning an instrument' does not count either.

    AND: why are people listing what guitar they play? The specific model should not be included! No-one cares.

    I think it's a good idea, but I think it would work better if for instance there was more information on the fastfude profile about yourself.

    It's a bit messy and just needs most of those entries to be deleted if it's to be taken any way seriously.
  11. avatar Amz
    Great idea Roger.

    For recruitment purposes, it would be cool to see 'influences' or some sort of last.fm thing to see what style of music they're in to. But then if they use last.fm, I'm sure they have the link in their profile. I'd def want to check what kinda stuff people are into before approaching them about playing.
  12. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:c1596f75b4="greensleevesisgod"]AND: why are people listing what guitar they play? The specific model should not be included! No-one cares.[/quote:c1596f75b4]

    Says the guy who put "Hammond Organ"... :wink:
  13. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Haha, I think when you really think about it, it wouldn't come under just 'organ' tis a specific sound my dear fellow.

    But then again if it was just 'organ' and 'guitar', then people could put the make and model on their profile, sort of like a gear list. Though that could become a bit snobby with people choosing the best gear over the best player...

  14. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Roger, will you be doing this for scene singles?
  15. avatar thebatgranny
    [quote:7e82fe42ef="my-angel-rocks"]Says the guy who put "Hammond Organ"... :wink:[/quote:7e82fe42ef]

    A guitar is a guitar is a guitar in the majority of cases (unless you're using one of those 'stick' things). A Hammond organ is totally different to, say, a church organ in that it has a totally different sound and requires a distinct set of playing techniques (I'd say the same about synth players who have to fiddle with all those filters while playing). You might as well lump bass and guitar players together by your reckoning. Besides, there are people out there who specifically look to recruit hammond players.
  16. avatar my-angel-rocks
    The winky smilie was to show I was taking the piss...I know the differences.
  17. avatar fastfude
    Some tweaks:
    - instrument list sorted alphabetically to ease finding a particular instrument (and helps highlight inconsistent naming)
    - users have their full list of instruments mentioned alongside their location
  18. avatar russell
    Perhaps have a pre-populated drop-down list (with fancy javascript "add" button) that you can choose from, as well as an "other" that you can fill with whatever the instrument is. It'll save on duplication, e.g., synths vs. synthesizers, voice vs. vocals vs. vox...