1. avatar projectbohemia
    Kickass, ballsy rock and roll with a bit of brains behind it.Members draw there inspiration from everything from Stevie Ray, Metallica, Muse, Rory Gallager right through to the Jellyfish, Pumpkins, Mozart and Dylan(but with balls this time).

    SINNER FALLS - www.myspace.com/sinnerfalls

    Very new band, as is usualy the case formed from the ashes of a few other projects. However, they already have a IRISH TOUR in the works, confirmed as touring support for belfast rock legends IN THE NAME OF, have recorded a studio demo (drummer covering bass tracks, not something they want to try live).

    All original work, with pleanty of room for another creative mind. LOTS of gigging in the near future as one of the members is also a very busy promoter, as are most of his friends. And the band is already shit hot and gig request are coming in to support Electric Circus, Bandwagon and others.

    Any potential aplicants must be willing to practice about 8 hours a week, but we do have an in house practice room, so no expenses there. Extra vocals could be incorperated if you feel the need to warbel.

    All deadon, fun but driven dudes.

    Interested? drop us a message.
  2. avatar roryb