1. avatar miss-jesi
    My first post!
    Playing at a bash in the Northern Bar?

    A group of students are organizing it to celebrate the end of their music course. A date has yet to be confirmed, but it will definitely be on a Friday night within the next few weeks, more details will follow.
    BTW the band playing will get paid if that helps influence anyones decision to reply :wink: [/i:ed8c749159]

    If anyone is interested, please pm me here or email [u:ed8c749159]jessica.lester@live.co.uk [/u:ed8c749159] with your band name and a contact number.

    Many thanks in advance :-D (and apologies if this is on the wrong section!)
  2. avatar ginxed
    We are definitly interested - will send you an e-mail.

  3. avatar adamb1026
    same here, very interested

  4. avatar miss-jesi
    An Update:

    The gig is this Friday 24th [tomorrow].

    Apologies if this is extremely short notice [I am not organising the gig, I was just asked by a friend to get a band, so I am still not aware of all the details.]

    And cheers to all those that emailed and PM'D... I've passed your details onto the organisers. And I'll let anyone who mailed know what's going down. :-D
  5. avatar miss-jesi