1. avatar fatboy
    Studio clear out.Various leads from mini jack to xlr to wierd midi ,optical and multicores,i got em all.best come n take a butchers and see wot u need.dont ask me for quantities or this or that.theres just too many.if youre setting up a studio or have a lead fetish giz a shout.
    no more serial stranglers please. :wink:
  2. avatar Saves_the_day
  3. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    pm'd about multicore also would u have a 8 way stagebox by any chance :P
  4. avatar fatboy
    ta to all who pm'd.am compiling list to be put hopefully friday.keep an eye out.its all the stuff thats left.will still be a long list even though loadsa gear gone.cheers fastfuders! :-)

    oh duh!....have a few multicores/stageboxes needing removed from studio(as they were built in)will put em on list.