1. avatar pyrobunny
    (sorry if ive posted this in the wrong place lol)

    im trying to sell my guitar on ebay and ive no idea what price it should be :S

    it was a present from my dad about 4 years ago and he cant remember how much he paid for it. Ive searched the internet and i cant find anything that will help me.

    It says Fender Stratocaster Floyd Rose squier series on the head and it has a Floyd Rose II tremolo

    and its made in japan

    heres some pictures of it...


    any ideas? its been pissing me off all day.[/img]
  2. avatar Karl Rove
    its worth about a score, ill give u 15 quid if ur lookin a quick sale.
  3. avatar Ashley
  4. avatar pyrobunny
  5. avatar DavidHill
  6. avatar pyrobunny
    aww thanks dude, didnt think id make it anywere near tht price lol
  7. avatar DavidHill
    Well im not saying you will....but if you have the right buyer who know there Fenders and is interested you'll make that

    But ide get it tided up abit first, make it look more presentable
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    You'll need a rough idea of the year it was made.

    Japanese fenders can go for a higher price than Mexican if it is in the right period, some of them are very highly sought after.

    Here's a bit of info no definites on price, but you can get the idea of the sort of things you should highlight in your ebay listing :-)