1. avatar Desus

    [size=18:3130625d8b]Radar presents

    Ed Zealous

    Disconnect 4

    The Good Fight[/b:3130625d8b][/size:3130625d8b]

    Speakeasy, QUBSU
    Thursday 30th April
    Doors 9pm
    Adm: FREE
    Non Students Welcome

  2. avatar noelyg05
    nice lineup think i will be in attendance :D
  3. avatar returnofthedogs
    We Love DISCONNECT 4!!!! :smt055
  4. avatar gerry norman
    I can't believe DISCOnnect 4 are playing on my birthday(well, the day after). Such a great line-up, I'm yet to see TGF with th new drummer and as lond as ED play I Will Destroy You I'm happy.
  5. avatar returnofthedogs
    Nah I hate that song...........
  6. avatar Desus
    Looking forward to a return after a 3 week hiatus!

    Doors 9pm
    Good Fight 10.15
    Disconnect 4 11.00
    Ed Zealous 11.45