1. avatar Rory McConnell
    Hello. Each week on BBC Introducing in N.I on Radio 1 an unsigned band or artist takes us around their home town or city for a musical tour. I'm quite keen to represent Portadown, Downpatrick and Cookstown and was wondering if any bands or artists are from there?



    please dont merge this thread Roger. it's a different conversation to the other thread asking where bands are from.
  2. avatar deadonmusic
    Kitty and the Can Openers are 3/4 from Portadown/Lurgan.
  3. avatar Durty Rocker
    TRUCKER Diablo Lurgan/ Portadown

  4. avatar Captain Kennedy
    We already done the Lurgan one a few weeks back!

    Microlip are all from Portadown.
  5. avatar Team Horse
    I'm from Portadown, but would be at a total loss as to what exactly could be reported for a musical tour of this shithole! :lol:
  6. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    I'd quite like to see radio one covering the 'scene' in such places as Helmand Province, Afghanistan, South Central LA, The Bronx in New York, and that prison from Scum where Ray Winstone smashes the guys teeth against a urinal.

    Yours, concerned license fee payer
  7. avatar MICROLIP
    MICROLIP all hail form Portadown and would be well up for it! www.myspace.com/microlip. Cheers steve and Captin kennedy for the heads up!
  8. avatar silvercord

    Doubt that one somehow
  9. avatar Durty Rocker
  10. avatar huggy baps

    Doubt that one somehow[/quote:cf96ac2c64]

    Um here's the Corner House, and err, there's the road outta here..
  11. avatar Durty Rocker
    TRUCKER Diablo on BBC Radio 1 Introducing take back the city 99.7 fm taking about Portadown....Pretty funny day...Thanks Stephen....

    Corner house ye say, surely you mean the embankment lol
  12. avatar silvercord
    surely you mean mcgreeveys corner :lol:
  13. avatar delfuego
    Nope, its back to the corner house this week :lol: New owners and everything
  14. avatar Durty Rocker
    jesus make up yer minds.....taxiiii
  15. avatar huggy baps
    I expect it's still a dump either way, been a while since i've been down that way! Huggy Baps Snr is from that neck of the woods, thank fuck he left!
  16. avatar thefoxofmoscow
    My first post!
    Yeo Rory, Ellipsus are from Dungannon/Cookstown. We've been gigging around there for the past months. We're up in Belfast also cause of Uni etc.

    We'd be very interested in taking part.

    Here's some info about us: http://www.myspace.com/ellipsusband

    unfortunately we have no songs up yet, but we'll be putting up a single, and another couple of songs from our EP very soon.