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    [b:a76cd63cd3]ACP047 Koen Park - Computers Are Not Our Friends - 17 tracks[/b:a76cd63cd3]

    Koen Park gets all political in his old age ;) Don't let that put you off tho! He's delivered another amazing record free of charge

    "The idea that our lives revolve around computers so much is depressing and a little soul destroying. Inanimate objects essentially controlling what should be the animate. The more we get into the internet social cycle, the less we actually are part of a healthy society. This is the personal level.

    Government, poorly run as is nearly always the case, controls us just the same...they push us down into inanimate objects, ostracized from each other with the apathetic burdens of crippling taxes, war and greed. This is the social level.

    I want to walk out my door and just hug a stranger, not facebook with someone I knew when I was 5. I want to see non-violent protest, a people intelligent and strong and able to stand up for their individual rights. And most of all, I want to see people KNOW their rights and individuality, to get out there and live a little more. I want the people who go out and do this to include me." - Koen Park 16/03/09 21:02 Tokyo Time

    01 My Life In Machinery
    02 At The End Of A Century A Quartet Stands Alone
    03 Peacefully Maintaining The States Of Least Resistance
    04 Purple Loosestrifes
    05 Monoatomic 80's
    06 Seiche
    07 A Figurative Gestation
    08 Computers Are Not Our Friends
    09 Somewhere Stars Have Souls
    10 Millefiori
    11 Pueblo Peoples
    12 We Will See Periods Of Grace, Even In The Darkest Lights
    13 I Am Not Aboard This Ship Anymore
    14 How To Select A Muzzle For Your Pet Person
    15 The Gift Of Microfauna Today
    16 Boredom Is A Daytime Thing
    17 Escape From Fume Hood

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    My first post!
    I agree with you but think your a little misinformed with regards to technology.

    You should maybe do some research on the work of Jacques Fresco and The Venus Project.
    Also check out the Zeitgeist documentary by Peter Joseph.

    I'm not saying these people have got it right, they just make a hell of a lot more sense than the majority of anti establishment/Government Musicians and film-makers.