1. avatar Jedi_Bassplayer
    My first post!

    im a mid-twenties bassist in Belfast who used to be in lots of bands but has let it fade out. I am looking to get back into it again with actual committment and maturity this time. Have refined my slap/tap style and am always working on that but equally as happy to lay down the groove and sit in the background.

    I have high end gear and have dabbled with recording but I am just looking to jam and make some cool music to begin. No stranger to gigging but I will not rush to it just for the sake of gigging.

    I favour fairly complex and extreme music and am a fan of the heavier metal (Death, Thrash, Hardcore), Funk (Soul, Fusion), Rock (progressive, classic), Jazz (Fusion, standard, contemporary) and electronic (techno, trance, hiphop, triphop). I suppose the only thing that doesnt float my boat is middle of the road/ indy / pop / mostly vocal music. Doing things by half is boring to me.

    Am very easygoing and gel with most folks. The composition of the band I am looking for would be a drummer/DJ for beats/brush drumming/atmosphere and some melodic elements like sax/violin/keys/guitars/Vocals

    I am a fan of some well placed and interesting cover songs. Get back to me via email if you think you have something to offer or a band that I would fit in.
  2. avatar saw_doctor
    Alrite m8

    Myself - Paddy (dummer) and Vinnie (guitarist)Have recently got togeather to form a heavy metal band.We have had a jammin session and things went well I'm based in Belfast and Vinnie in Colraine thats were we practiced the last time,I hope to get someone here in Belfast soon.Basicaly we are looking to form a real heavy balls to the wall metal band.There are a wide range of stlyes everything from metallica,bls,pantera,lynyrd skynyrd,volbeat(amazing danish metal band)

    We focused on writting and recording orginal music,if you are intrested email me at enersha_316@hotmail.com or vinnie at vinnie_harte@hotmail.com and we can get to talk to you a bit more about it.