1. avatar Benny Fyfe
    I've recently returned to Belfast from a 5-6 year stint in Brighton and have a major hankering for setting up a Sufjan type group to melodify the neighbourhood. Generally I'm looking for the following:
    Violinist, possibly plural
    Keyboard player
    Vibraphone player
    Other obscure instrumentation considered
    Electronica bleepers will be considered as I have collaberated very fruitfully with them before and still do: see http://www.myspace.com/fallingfromspace
    To hear my acoustic stuff and solo composing, go to
    If you're interested or want more info, send an email to bennyfyfe@hotmail.com with a link to your own playing and your contact details.
    Signing off peeps
  2. avatar Benny Fyfe
    I also meant to say that if you can sing as well as play, that would be a massive bonus.
  3. avatar adamb1026
    Bassist here, sounds very interesting indeed :)
  4. avatar Sticksman
    Bangor based drummer well up for that...love the PCO
  5. avatar TripleHaction
    i m 23 -play acoustic guitar and sing and write and know a good few cat stevens songs and love his music

    would u need a singer yeah? where would u be practising?
  6. avatar TripleHaction
    i just read your again... u will be covering the part in it i could i do i guess
  7. avatar Benny Fyfe
    Sorry about the lateness of reply peeps, I've been off househunting but all sorted now. I'll get back to yous all tomorrow as I've just gotten back online and shattered. Thanks for all the replies and I'll be on your cases tomorrow.
  8. avatar stevekee
    hey i'd be really interested in this. i had a listen to yr stuff, it sounds absloutely amazing. i play acoustic/electric guitar and bass and i'm trying to teach myself lap steel at the minute. but if yr still looking musicians i'd be up for doing anything, like tambourine, triangle, backing dancer whatever
  9. avatar Benny Fyfe
    OK, I have a few people on board now. Could those whom I PM'd get back to me (and anyone else who's interested) as I'm setting a date for the first rendezvous for next weekend or the following one. Just as a matter of interest and to get an idea of what instrumentation would be available, what instruments do you play and also have in your armoury? I see myself as the (co-)writer/arranger/front singer of the troupe so it'd be great to know regarding what soundscapes would be possible.
  10. avatar Benny Fyfe
    Final week of recruitment. I have the following instrumentation in the band so far (sometimes more than 1 per member):
    If anyone else has an interest in this, especially with an unusual instrument; give me a PM or e-mail me at bennyfyfe@hotmail.com
  11. avatar bongofury
    My first post!
    hi - im a percussionist, a large selection of afro brasilian drums and sounds at your disposal, depending on your time of rehearsal and performance of course. Well experienced and interested.
  12. avatar auxabattoirs

    this looks really interesting, just saw it today. Check out my forum post here and myspace: www.myspace.com/auxabattoirs
    I can play guitars, keyboards, good drummer, percussionist, into computers, softsynths, programming etc. Have my own gear. Was looking to set up something similar this summer actually. Anyway would definitely be up for a chat sometime

    my email is auxabattoirs@ymail.com
  13. avatar Kristam Moffett
    pm'd ya mate