1. avatar jonketfield
    ive seen quite a few myself over the years,just wondering what everybody else thought
  2. avatar Tuesdayschild
    The Rubber Plants, Led Zeppelin Tribute band. Might be biased though they're mates. Having said that I've seen a lot of live rock music, and have been dealing with bands for 10 years or so and they have an energy that makes them stand out from the usual.
  3. avatar welshchris
    the Rubber plants always pis*ed me off, how can you have a "leading" tribute band with the wrong number of members?

    It's just stupid.. what next the fab 3 beatles tribute, 2 bloke and a bird doing abba?
  4. avatar Tuesdayschild
    Well The Rubber Plants are being included in a Documentary to be aired on RTE (filming starts in three weeks time), they're not the only tribute band included in the show but they were chosen by the production company from a selection of bands from all over Ireland - so they must be doing something right!

    Check out Lez Zeppelin, an all girl LZ tribute band from New York. Who says Tribute bands have to have the same number of members as the original, or even, in Lez Zeppelins case, even have to be the same sex as the original!
  5. avatar welshchris
    [quote:bf35454ea0="Tuesdayschild"] Who says Tribute bands have to have the same number of members as the original, or even, in Lez Zeppelins case, even have to be the same sex as the original![/quote:bf35454ea0]

    Me I say so. :wink:

    If a jobs worth doing... Is there a difference between a tribute band and some folks that like to play set made up totally of one artists tunes.. If it doesn't matter why do most kiss tributes wear makeup, most DC ones have someone in a school boy outfit, most G N R have someone in a top hat etc...

    Actually I don't really like tribute bands that much full stop anyway so I'll just shut up..
  6. avatar DavidHill
    TIZZ LIZZY have to be up the best. thers Phill Lynott and Scot Gorham look alikes!
  7. avatar fatboy
    The Rubber Plants ROCK BIG TIME!!Im not a huge Zep fan but these guys are ALL top quality musicians as seen on Easter Monday at the Diamond Rock Club backed by the amazing Jack in Black (a great mixture of classic rock tunes!) myspace.com/jackinblackrock .People might be a bit over loaded with tribute bands and feel the gigs should go to original bands but im sure theres room for both!
    Most people in tribute bands i know are also involved in making original music.
    Up the Plants!!! :smt023
  8. avatar nonlogic liam
    Cover bands = nil point....
  9. avatar fatboy
    [quote:8c008080b4="nonlogic liam"]Cover bands = nil point....[/quote:8c008080b4]

    Cant think of ANY major acts that didnt start off in cover bands or cover other peoples songs!!nuff said :D
  10. avatar nonlogic liam
    Somehow I very much doubt if Flash Harry or These Charming Men or whomever could have an image make over and later that week take the charts by storm. Was Nirvana a cover band? Was R.E.M a cover band? Was the Smiths a cover band? Was Guns n Roses a cover band (excluding the spaghetti incident, obviously)? All may have done covers at one stage or another but I don't recollect Nirvana ever being called the Billy Ocean experience or some such drivel... Furthermore, most bands who do a few covers earlier in their career usually insert them into their sets because they haven't written enough material at that point in order to play a full two hours. The majority of these acts (and yes folks, all four bands mentioned above) bitterly regret those adolesent cover versions.
  11. avatar Tuesdayschild
    I don't think the original poster intended this thread to become a cover vs original material contest. I say, there's room for both. You don't like Tribute or cover bands - don't go. Nobody's making you!

    Welshchris, you're entitled to your opinion which seems to be about tribute bands in general and not just aimed at The Rubber Plants, and I imagine I'll not be bumping into you when the guys play the Spring and Airbrake in July. Fair enough.

    Jonketfield, having now read your other posts I take it you're interested in something DC related or tribute band related, you're just sussing out which is the best vehicle for you. I love a bit of AC/DC but I think there's a few quite prominent tribute acts doing the rounds. It really depends on your vocalist and what he/she can pull off. (I'm imagining you're a guy unless you want to do a Heart/Vixen tribute band....)

    Non logic Liam, I don't think there is a Tribute band who intends to take the charts by storm. That's not the point. They operate in a different scene, making a living and having a ball while they're at it.