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    Pm d u back.sorry,shoulda been more precise.theres 1mtr x 1mtr foam at 5 cm thick and 50cm x 50 cm foam from 5-10 cm thick.the rockwools the rigid type.ta
  4. avatar haigney
    My first post!
    I moved to the centre of belfast but the window is not keeping all the sound out and I need the foam to block up the window at night to get some sleep....

    ...I hope this is still available
  5. avatar fatboy
    Dude that sucks!!!Im sure i can donate enough to block yer windy!Giz the measurements and u can have some rockwool for free but cover it wif some sort of material or you'll itch like a bitch...

    (oh..if yer windys' the size of a football pitch forget it!) :lol: