1. avatar jonesy
    Hi - we need part time staff during the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival April 30 - May 10
    If you have relevant bar and catering experience please email sarah@blackboxbelfast.com for an application pack.
    We need people to work in our main bar and the pizzeria.
  2. avatar belfastcarnival
    My first post!
    Here Joesy who is doin the sound tomorrow night in the box - is it Barry?? If so can you send me his number - i wanna check bout soundchecks! x
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
    hi sarah, is it night time staff or day work. Ive a bit of experience from working in belfast castle.. but can really only work afternoons
  4. avatar jonesy
    hey guys, we got people now, but keep an eye out for more vacancies over the summer