1. avatar cashier no.9
    our new 7"single is out this week !
    a side :when jackie shone
    b side :when i was up i was up and when i was down i was down
    released on only gone records its available here
    and on itunes ,
    Two shows on sat 25th april
    instore acoustic show backbeat records belfast (haymarket arcade, off royal avenue)with 68 zeros
    single launch party @the menagerie bar off university street
    with barry s electronic workshop
    and new left bank dj s

    go buy thon !
  2. avatar Nocarsgo
    Awesome. Will the single be on sale in Backbeat at the time of the acoustic performance? And what time is the acoustic set at?
  3. avatar Persistence
    Well, I've got the 7" already :P It's a schweet song! But will try and make it down to Backbeat.

    What time?
  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    Wow, I'm lazy, it's on the MySpace. :P

    2pm in Backbeat!
  5. avatar Davy
    My first post!
    Hello folks,

    The single will be available in Backbeat at the time of the acoustic performance on Saturday. Things will kick off at 2pm.

    Best regards

    Davy AT onlygone DOT com