1. avatar Pavel

    A selection of 120 photographs by Matthew Alexander Patton showcasing the local music scene, as well as a more detailed digital exhibit.

    Live music from [b:f7759090ec]Junior Johnson[/b:f7759090ec], [b:f7759090ec]A Plastic Rose[/b:f7759090ec], [b:f7759090ec]Colenso Parade[/b:f7759090ec], [b:f7759090ec]John Shelly And The Creatures[/b:f7759090ec] and possibly a few other stragglers...so stay tuned for updates.

    CDs of all the bands playing will be available to buy.

    Prints will be for sale.

    One and all in attendance will be appreciated.

    Turn up and you'll be entered into a draw to win free guff - so you know, turn up.

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  2. avatar Pavel
    Details of the digital exhibition accompanying the printed exhibit in [b:f258172023]Charlie's Coffee Shop[/b:f258172023] on the [b:f258172023]10th of May[/b:f258172023] can now be announced.

    A short film by [b:f258172023]Will McConnell[/b:f258172023] ([b:f258172023]Bandwidth Films[/b:f258172023]), made from an amalgamation of videos / live footage of local musicians will be displayed from [b:f258172023]19:30 - 21:00[/b:f258172023].

    This will be a prime opportunity to view the work of this local filmmaker in its full quality, as it was meant to be seen.
  3. avatar Pavel
    Kicks off this [b:3580f8f5d6]Sunday[/b:3580f8f5d6] at [b:3580f8f5d6]19:30[/b:3580f8f5d6].
  4. avatar gerry norman
    This will be pretty damn cool.
  5. avatar Pavel
    Update: [b:b11c1e7fb8]Junior Johnson[/b:b11c1e7fb8] will be doing something a little special for the exhibition, so anyone who is a fan; or any curious fellows out there who want to taste his music with their ears for the first time - make sure and get down for his set which kicks off around half nine.
  6. avatar Pavel
    Thanks to everyone who came down last night for the launch of my first exhibition in Charlie's Coffee Shop.

    We had some fantastic music from [b:dcd2fdbc2f]Colenso Parade[/b:dcd2fdbc2f], [b:dcd2fdbc2f]John Shelly & The Creatures[/b:dcd2fdbc2f], [b:dcd2fdbc2f]A Plastic Rose[/b:dcd2fdbc2f] and an impromptu jam from [b:dcd2fdbc2f]Darren Doherty[/b:dcd2fdbc2f], [b:dcd2fdbc2f]Ian McHugh[/b:dcd2fdbc2f], [b:dcd2fdbc2f]Gerry Norman[/b:dcd2fdbc2f] and [b:dcd2fdbc2f]Micky McCullagh[/b:dcd2fdbc2f] afterwards.

    The exhibition will be running for a few weeks so if you missed out and fancy looking at a couple of photos sometime, pop in and have a glance.



    [size=7:dcd2fdbc2f]Photos by Ramsey Cardy[/size:dcd2fdbc2f]
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  7. avatar Nocarsgo
    I was gutted I missed this, that's brilliant that it's up for the next few weeks. :D
  8. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    ditto - will make sure to check it out.
  9. avatar gerry norman
    I urge you all to get down to this over the next few days. Not only are the photo's amazing but Will McConnells Bandwidth Exhibition is still up which is a huge screen and headphones to see and hear these great videos he's been making for local acts. So many good memories on the walls of Charlies. Awww...
  10. avatar Pavel
    This weekend is the last chance to check out the exhibition, so if you have a spare three hours (or five minutes) please call down and check it out.