1. avatar fopp
    Does anyone know what the music was at the start of Hollyoaks yesterday?

    I'll make a (probably futile) attempt to describe it. Was pretty simple, medium paced, no singing, just a simple drum beat, guitar (might have just been playing one chord constantly) with a little bass melody that would play for a few bars and then stop.

    I know I've heard it before somewhere, but canny place it.
  2. avatar fopp

    No points for anyone
  3. avatar daveshorty
    i think it was yesterday i saw it and it was the music thats used in Spaced. i cant remember the name of the song... mark snitch knows tho...
  4. avatar daveshorty
    aye it's Lemon Jelly - The Staunton Lick.
    what do i win ten of?
  5. avatar fopp
    Fair play to you.

    Unfortunately I don't have any witty answers about what you win 10 of. What would you like?
  6. avatar daveshorty
    if you've any hundred pounds i'd like ten of those.
  7. avatar Shane
    I thought this was a trick question, where if you got it right, you'd say, 'AAAAAAAAH, you watch Hollyoaks!'
    I can't believe the Staunton Lick was used in that show though. Might start watchin it - only just START watchin it mind, if you will. cough
    I'm more of a Scrubs soundtrack enthusiast... (cue abuse)
  8. avatar fopp
    I am genuinely appreciative for the replies.

    I watched the second series of spaced over the weekend and the above pot, it's used at the very end is quite sweet. So this must be where I'd heard it before.

    Frank Turner was twittering on about how his song was getting used in another episode of Hollyoaks last week. Might be worth watching it for the music alone.