1. avatar PeterC
    The title says it all really. Any ideas? Will be staying just for a night or two so electricity is not a neccessity, had the general Mournes area or North Coast in mind. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. avatar Big Homeless
    If you're looking a wee bit of quiet head into the hills, get a mournes map the 1:25000 offers a fair bit of detail and find a quiet spot. But if its camping sites there's the touristy Tollymore, or on towards Spelga the Meelmor camp site, which I would use for groups, a cafe on hand, toilets and its reasonably quiet, it also has safer parking. Further around towards Rostrevor the area around Hen and Cock mountain has a lot of space and solid enough area for camping and the rocky river gives some scope for camping, altho the land is used by farmers so there is a chance there are sheep, which is manageable. Thats the Mournes, the Sperrins towards the west wouldn't be as widely used as the Mournes but still have some good areas. I like Mountains but the North Coast is also hard to beat. Glens of Antrim even towards Waterfoot and beside the Glendun river, cracking.
  3. avatar PeterC
    Thanks a lot, very helpful, much appreciated.
  4. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    On the North Coast there is severe lack of camping facilities, as in there is no real decent established camping site. But if you are all for camping where you can then the possibilities are huge. Plenty of caravan sites but no camping sites.

    It also really depends where on the North Coast you were thinking of. Personally I would suggest anything between Portstewart and Ballycastle, so basically the Causeway Coast.
    And along that route I would especially and strongly suggest Rathlin Island and the Whitepark Bay/Ballintoy area. Locals there are quite friendly and there shouldn't be any particular problems in maybe camping in someone's field. Plus the whole area is absolutely amazing.
  5. avatar thecomeons_2
    skerries holiday park in portush takes tents. i think. certainly there's tenting on north west weekend at the place.
  6. avatar xfirefishx
    Rathlin Island would definitely be a nice place to go camping - nice walks, nice scenery, seals! And a pub and a shop should you fancy any of that.

    In Ballintoy the Sheep Island View has a camping barn... but I don't think any fields or that. But yeah I imagine that asking permission to camp in someone's field would be fine although it's not the best time of year for it - as it's baby season and land owners might not appreciate people tramping through fields with the newly-born. But most people are pretty accommodating.

    Anyway, have a link http://www.sheepislandview.com/
  7. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Aye, some of the caravan parks in Portrush take tents sometimes. But there isn't much point camping in Portrush, plus it's a hole ahahah
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    Cushendall campsite will take tents like.

    It's good too, fairly close to town
  9. avatar DavidHill
    For north coast i wudnt go 2 any of the big Camping spots/parks! Try Murlough Bay, Carrickmore near Ballycastle or Parkend which is near Ballintoy Harbour. Kewl little spots, Close enough to civilization but still quite and secluded. (If thats what ur looking for)
  10. avatar Tuesdayschild
    I'm an experienced camper (not unlike Rob Halford) and in general Northern Ireland is very poor for camping. Most of the sites are already booked up and so don't ever go without at least a phonecall first.

    My favourite camping experience is in the Share Centre, Co. Fermanagh. I like it because there is a great atmostphere around there, I've always made friends with the tent next door, and end up sitting around a glowing barbeque at 3 in the morning with a beer in my hand.

    There's an indoor pool, gym facilities (like I go on my holidays to work out...er...no) and lots of really cool staff, many of which are volunteers and only there for the experience, and so the whole place generates this laid back, friendly as hell vibe. I was a volunteer myself there once upon a time...now that was some summer!

    During the day (in the summer) you can go banana boating, windsurfing or kayaking (or rock wall climbing) for less than a tenner. If it rains, there is a TV lounge and a couple of pool tables. (if it rains...go home...that's the nice thing about camping it's very flexible.)


    I don't work there, I've no reason to promote the place, other than being very fond of it.

    Other recommendations...Carnfunock Country Park, just outside Larne, and The Tourist Complex, Benone Strand on the North Coast
  11. avatar jonno
    My first post!
    Annalong wood, the Shelter stone at Ben Crom and Fofanny dam are popular wild camping sites in the Mournes that are acessible. You can also park at Meelmore Lodge and walk higher into the Mournes without having to worry about the locals trashing your car.

    I hear there are also good spots along the banks of the Bann but I've never tried them myself.

    There's more info here http://www.ni-wild.co.uk
  12. avatar jonno
    Turns out another possible spot is above the Ice House in Donard Forest. Not sure about the rules for camping there but there were definite signs of previous tenants. Wish people would take their crap home!!

    There's more info here http://www.ni-wild.co.uk