1. avatar T Entertainment
    A very fine mind indeed.
  2. avatar feline1
    There is certainly a case to be made that Ballard's "Why I Want To F#ck Ronald Reagan" is quite possibly the most completely ahine pamphlet ever to be printed up and circulated at a Republican Party conference *EVER*.
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    Didn't he shoot John Lennon?

    No, wait...I'm confused somewhere
  4. avatar sláine
    I loved it when he said "there is something fascist about the shopping mall..."

    "lord, there goes Johnny Appleseed..." Joe Strummer

    R.I.P. big Jim
  5. avatar thecomeons_2
    never liked him with argent, but loved his work with daltrey
  6. avatar feline1
    I liked it in "Manhole69" when a group of volunteers have surgery to prevent them being able to sleep,
    and they instead go mad as their brains think all the walls are closing in. Or sthg.

    Mind you, that is no "The Unlimited Dream Factory" when a man crashes his plane into a river only to find he's already buried there as a fossil with wings on or something. But not before he's shagged half of Shepperton in a glorious pan-sexual bru-hah-ha. or sthg.