1. avatar beemicksee
    right, so i was basically being a twat and accidently let a section of the lead from my headphones rest in recently boiled water for an unknown period of time. unbeknownst to me mind... now sound only comes out of the left headphone

    the headphones are AKG141 studio. although, i got cheap and used, new they cost a bomb new.

    fortunately the lead is replaceable. the lead is a mini jack (w/large jack adapter) to mini xlr (female). do these cables exist or will i have to buy a mini xlr (male to female) and get an xlr to jack adaptor?

  2. avatar Stuntman Steve
    ur a dick :P
  3. avatar Rocky
    I am sure if they make the cable in such a style it's to ensure you can replace them. Something I wish they'd do on all Sennheisers, as they sound great, but I go through three pairs a year.

    Not sure of the model, but does it look like this?

  4. avatar beemicksee
    aww nice one. cheers aye, that's the one right there. it turns out that electronics shop across from Inst sells that same lead.

    i agree, bein able to replace the lead saved me a fortune