1. avatar drive by fader
    First "sale" fell through so it's still available!

    I'm selling an OLP MM2 in black. I haven't used it for an age. It has one missing machine head and the volume knob is slightly wonky but it's otherwise in good nick so if you're after a cheap bass that actually sounds pretty beefy and looks cool, this could be for you. PM me if you like. Or mciver.paul@gmail.com

    [i:64c65a277c]The MM2 is designed for players who want top-flight features in an affordable bass. It has a basswood body, a 21 fret American Maple neck with black dot inlays, 34 in. scale, chrome hardware, and a 'meaty' sounding Music Man style pickup. With OLP you get the highest quality construction, tone, and appearance, all at a very affordable price.[/i:64c65a277c]

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    PM'd you.
  3. avatar thecomeons_2
    is it left-handed as the picture?

    which machinehead is missing?
  4. avatar drive by fader
    The picture is just taken from the internets for illustrative purposes so it is actually right-handed.

    The missing machine head is the G.
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