1. avatar dbiac09
    My first post!
    Male, 28, Belfast.

    Have own kit and transport.

    Main influences are U2 and Oasis, many others. Also a big fan of moderately harder rock, ie: Nirvana, GnR. Nothing heavier than that!

    Willing to play new music or covers. Can play any style but despise Jazz!

    Please get in touch if interested.
  2. avatar the animal
  3. avatar jancreighton
    PM sent :-) we can also make you up a demo cd
  4. avatar jancreighton
    i think the Pm system on this forum is wonky!

    we are Lucky 8 and i reckon we pretty much fit the profile of what you are after - we are all original Belfast based alt. pop outfit

    very strong material with real commercial potential

    we need an ideas man, someone with musical imagination - who knows how to hit hard but also when to hold back and who can play with a bit of flair

    if you have ideas for lyrics, arrangements, songs, etc then mores the good!

    contact me, Jan, at 07784140918 or jancreighton@gmail.com

    we are mid 20's to early 30's - we all have our heads screwed on - that means practices are focussed, sober affairs - but great fun and very productive... oh yeah, i'm a bloke BTW, that name is pronounced "Yan" LOL, ;-)
  5. avatar jc111
    Hello there just saw your ad. If your still looking for a band checkout www.myspace.com/thepaperaeroplanes01 If your interested get in touch