1. avatar swaneeriver
    Just wondering what we are to expect tonight at our gig as we have never played down there before!!

    Anybody from down there shed any light?

    What type of venue is the common rooms?
  2. avatar nocturn
    Common Rooms a pretty wee bar down there to be honest! We've played down there a few times, mainly with A Little Bitter, and they've done ok! Reckon on a Saturday night, if youve done a bit of promo you should fare OK.

    Good luck!
  3. avatar swaneeriver
    cheers for the info :)
    hopefully itl be a gud night!
  4. avatar Big Homeless
    yeah, common rooms is a great improvement than what used to be expected in Dungannon, Played there numerous times, but have played to only a few, but most of the time its a good oul night, should be folk there alright. What sort of music are yese?

    myspaced the hell outta it, yeah it should be grand, posters n all? aye?

    good luck so.
  5. avatar swaneeriver
    just back from the gig.
    excellent wee bar. best sound set up i have seen in a pub, full back line with a lovely gretch kit too!!

    we'l be back
  6. avatar unplugged
    my last cover band used to play there alot. chrissie is a nice lady and always does her best for the bands. i aint been in it since its been renovated tho. whats it like?

    Saying that in the days when we played there it can be hit or miss. some nights is very very busy bustling and some nights youll play to 12 men and a dog. it was always busy when we were at it but i have heard some guys who have played there with original stuff that it can be quite empty...so.....

    get promo done esp if you will be playing original material and youll be fine.
    the fort sometimes does bands i know the lads in reload have played there a few times.