1. avatar greensleevesisgod
    After recently buying god knows how many albums of artists that I've only ever heard one song from (Simon Dupree & the big sound, The pretty things...)

    I was wondering what people reckon the greatest Hit single by a relativly unknown band is.

    Even though I have always had their album. I would have to go for 'Something in the air' by Thunderclap Newman. Such an incredible song and such a shame the album didn't do much in terms of sales. Lost gem.

    What say you?

    (this is also a good way of compiling a list to download ;)
  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Call it the curse of the Levis Ad, but I was always dismayed that Smoke City never had more success after the beautiful "Underwater Love". Such a shame, as yer wan sings in no less than three different languages in this haunting little mediterranean ditty...
  3. avatar Pete
    Talking of Levi Ads.... Stiltskin??
  4. avatar tenrabbits
    I remember watching MTV top ten one hit wonders.. Sinead O'Connor was in the top three I seem to remember!
  5. avatar playennui
    Gay Dad - To earth with love
  6. avatar hairsweatandtattoos
    the oneders - that thing you do
  7. avatar zebulon
    [b]Fire[/b] by [b]the Crazy World of Arthur Brown.[/b]
    Happily though he released about 10 albums, even if he only had one hit.
  8. avatar wild bill goes commando
    Underwater is a beautiful beautiful song....

    Stiltskin's Inside was a cracker too

    I was personally gutted at how lowly OKGO's "Get over it" charted.......(no# 21 i think) when surely it should have been a top 3 single...fecking pure guitar pop class....even the thrills out charted it with the ole' one horse town.....
    saying that, the album wasnt upto much with the exceptions of the delightful "Return" & "Hello my treacherous friends"

  9. avatar Pete
    [quote] the oneders - that thing you do[/quote]

    haha, great film!
  10. avatar Jesus Knieval
    [quote]Gay Dad - To earth with love[/quote]
    that was excellent...did they do ANYTHING else?
  11. avatar the dirty weed
    yip, an album. cant remember the name of it.

    two other singles - oh jim + joy.
  12. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Oh yeah - i remeber Joy...good too
  13. avatar playennui
    Was Joy not the name of the album as well? Hold on Google search moment...1st album was call Leisurenoise second album transmission.
  14. avatar the dirty weed
    leisurenoise on ebay for 99p. who woulda thunk it?
  15. avatar barry mk
    Thunderclap Newman - their bassist lives round Cookstown somewhere. I think he's actually from there, or so I'm told.
    As far as one hit wonders go, my favourite would have to be 'Mired in Quigley' by infamous protest singer and moat-worshipper Bertrand Diastat.
    His career quickly went downhill though, after Christams '66, when he was caught snogging the balls off the baby Jesus in York Cathedral's nativity scene.

  16. avatar MaNAkIn Mick
    Chesney hawks - I am the one and only

  17. avatar The Only Ronster
    Chesney had the excellent 'I'm a Man not a Boy' shortly after though!

    And it must have been a hit cause I can sing the whole chorus!
  18. avatar mikey fusz
    babylon zoo "spaceman"

    "spaceman, i always wanted you to go into space man"

  19. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    im nearly sure that the cheseney hawks follow up song that your talking about wasnt him. I have a recollection that it was a CBBC show that started that song, and the guitar player had green hair i think. And they had the word "west" in their name.

    I shall google to find it.
  20. avatar greensleevesisgod
    North and south was it??
    haha that show was so bloody awful, but great at the same time.

    I was considering babylon zoo. Great song :hat
  21. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    i think "man not a boy" was by Pugwall's band. Orange Organics wasnt it?

    Didn't Gay Dad have a single that went "Now, Always & Forever"?

    for the record, my favourite one hit wonder was 'If only I could' by Sydney Youngblood
  22. avatar cyclone 772
    and didn't babylon zoo follow up with a song called animal army or something like that, and did it not also go top 10. (making them a 2 hit wonder?)
  23. avatar The Only Ronster

    [img]http://fehrbehr.co.uk/157/im.jpg[/img] Edited by: The Only Ronster at: 10/5/05 10:38 pm
  24. avatar greensleevesisgod
    He was great in that film with Roger Daltrey.

    'Buddy' or something...he was called Buddy in it anyway.
  25. avatar battleofbelfast
    I remember that CBBC show North and South and the aforementioned guitarist with green hair. I remember their song "Man Not a Boy" and can sing the words and everything! :)
  26. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    Aha!!!! see the same song name, different artistes(using that word very loosely).

    North and south that was them. Christ it was awful. And you really shouldnt be too proud of knowing all the words it was just "im a man not a boy man not a boy maaaaaaan!" again and again.

    Edit: Class just read the first page and remembered Pugwall. That was class, during the summer holidays an all. Austrailians always made class teen issues and escapades programmes. Tommorow girl was class too, with the bald guy in gimp gear from the future. Edited by: I just wanna be a firecracker at: 10/5/05 11:28 pm
  27. avatar Pete
    And for the slightly older and more angst ridden teen : Heartbreak High!!
  28. avatar battleofbelfast
    Drazic was a legend, and the guy with the funny hair.
  29. avatar The Only Ronster
    [quote]Austrailians always made class teen issues and escapades programmes. Tommorow girl was class too, with the bald guy in gimp gear from the future.[/quote]

    Part of the reason for this, I believe, is that Australia has some sort of government funding program to encourage quality TV production for children. Hence why so many good shows came from there in the 80s and 90s.

    The Daltrey movie was 'Buddy's Song', a follow up of sorts to the 80s series 'Buddy'. In it Chesney and actors from Press Gang start a band and take over the pop charts (and learn hard lessons about life and the music biz). All while his Buddy Holly obsessed father (Daltrey) jumps around in a blue Teddy-Boy outfit 'managing' them). Also mainly worth watching cause the lovely Liza Walker is in it as Buddy's girlfriend (she later went on to be the main crush of my teenage years in 'Diary of a Teenage Health Freak'). Chesney's [b]two[/b] hits were actually both songs off the soundtrack to this movie.

    And Firecracker, I only know the words to Chesney's 'I'm a man not a Boy' - the North and South one is a mystery to me...

    Shiteness. I think I just remembered it now. Thanks for that.

    The lovely Liza? Well here she is:
    [img]http://www.fabiopagani.it/foto/lizawalker01.jpg[/img] Edited by: The Only Ronster at: 11/5/05 8:47 am
  30. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Holy crap. I had totally forgotten about Heartbreak High. That was indeed an amazing show. Probably part of the reason I took up skateboarding!

    Remember Anita?? Mmmmmmm
  31. avatar craic addict
    There was a class episode at the end where her and the teacher's son took Es and went to the formal where she collapsed.
    Fooking mahvellous.
  32. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Do any Australian schoolkids actually have parents?

    apart from that one guy in HH who's ma was a teacher?
  33. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    Very good point, they always seem to get taken in by the one cool family, that the dad has walked out on, and lives with them in a open plan kitchen bedroom arrangement.

    Ron - Are they the same words? Could North and South have covered it?

    The show was called "No Sweat" and had a genius theme tune which went NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH NO SWEAT! Which apparantly is gonna be the new Kaiser Cheifs single.

    [url]http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/guide/articles/n/nosweat_1299002343.shtml[/url] Edited by: I just wanna be a firecracker at: 11/5/05 10:24 am
  34. avatar greensleevesisgod
    I loved how Drasic lived alone and had no income. Anita would always call round and try to help him and he was having none of it (there was a restraining order between them wasn't there?).

    As for 'No Sweat' I remember an episode where the guy built his own guitar. and then it broke when he tried to play it. Of course this could have all just been a dream...
  35. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    A sexy dream?

    Drazic looked like the Rock didnt he? Lived in a garage?
    Yeah Anita was great.
  36. avatar Baelmammon
    what about degrassi junior high that was a quality show.... :D
  37. avatar wewerelovers
    yes! degrasssi is wicked - i grew up watching that show and bumping into it's 'stars' on the streets of toronto - their exploits are like canadian urban myth.
    they have a degrassi the next generation now - it revolves around spikes daughter.
  38. avatar basileh
    Norman Greenbaum
  39. avatar thesneakybandit
    and on that note...

    dr and the medics!
  40. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm with greensleeves on the Thunderclap Newman song.

  41. avatar The Only Ronster
    [quote]Ron - Are they the same words? Could North and South have covered it?[/quote]

    Nope. Completely different song - Chesney's is far superior.
  42. avatar infidelity jP
    around the twist?

    have ya ever, ever felt like this, strange things happenin', are ya goin round the twist....

  43. avatar The Only Ronster
    Round the Twist was an awesome show - at least the first season was anyhow.

    I would seriously consider buying that on DVD if it were available...
  44. avatar Jesus Knieval
    Some show...Harry and summat, or someone and Harry...

    with the fantastically beautiful girl, a naughtier looking Myleene Klass :D

    That was another aussie show i think??
  45. avatar ryankozzi
    Deep blue something. Breakfast at Tiffanys.
    Where are they now????????????????????
  46. avatar Blamethrower
    peter andre anyone?
  47. avatar greensleevesisgod
  48. avatar Blamethrower
  49. avatar greensleevesisgod
    Cheer up, Life's too short to be sad.

    Would Peter Andre even be a one hit wonder as he's had hit's with the same song?

    Oh wait, he had that moronic song about a made up word, which everyone in the world got carried away about. 'Gosh, he must be intelligent. He can Make WuRds up so he can'
  50. avatar Blamethrower
    d o n ' t

    shackered is my made up word; it means shattered and knackered. it happened by accident.
  51. avatar infidelity jP
    whaddya call that other aussie show they had on ages ago, bout the kids who all lived on the island off the mainland. and there was a facility on the island....and they were always being chased by a fat security guard....