1. avatar gared
    Hey guys, just wondering where you go for your gear in Belfast? I find that the shops aren't great to be honest. Matchetts used to be alright but they don't seem to have as much stock now - they used to have loads of tab books but now they have very few.

    Guitar Emporium is decent but, then again, very little stock. I often wonder if they are running the shop down to close it but this never seems to be the case.

    Marcus has a good selection but some of the prices are ridiculous!
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    Hmm, interesting thread.

    Well I have to say that I have never had a problem in Marcus, although I can understand where the people in that thread are coming from and I can guess who they are talking about. Another thing that's interesting in that thread is some guys say they just go in and pick up a guitar and start playing it.....I never do this - I always ask first. Maybe some people go in to Marcus with the idea that the service is bad and they come across as being slightly defensive...?

    Sometimes the staff in these places may not have the best people skills or manners but if you're getting what you want then who cares, right?
  5. avatar Reckoner
    I generally get the more expensive items online (Thomann mainly, though I check around a few sites for prices), but I usually go to Guitar Emporium for strings and picks and whatnot.
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  7. avatar The_Martyr
    Guitar Emporium will usually offer to order you anything in though, if it's not immediate stock you're after.

    It's where I go for the majority of my stuff, although I have picked up a few guitar pedals from matchetts.
  8. avatar whipchorus
    Town's fine enough for the nuts and bolts but I find the choice of gear isn't great really. I wonder if we'd be better off with one massive f**k off store instead of 4 or 5 smaller ones.
  9. avatar Devilspain
    guitar amps keyboards


    best prices cheaper than thomann at times too. ever since the euro has practically gone 1:1 with sterling thomann has been a total rip off for some stuffs.
  10. avatar unplugged
    Darren and John in Bairds are too of the soundest fellows i have met in the business. Great music shop with A1 service.

    No matter if its a new guitar or buying small sundries like mic stands and leads darren and john give top service and sound advice.

    i dont see why anyone feels the need to use any other shop bar the guitar emproium obviously as they specialise in guitars dont they? Still bairds selection is great they have some really nice high end s/hand teles and strats in at the minute.

    I use bairds alot and they are fanstatic.

    Why anyone would want to give money to those folk in marcus is beyond me. worst music shop in belfast. in my opinion and alot of people on here agree with that im sure.
    Alot of people have been treated badly there it seems myself included in the past. I wouldnt consider it even if i was very stuck. Its unfortunate as if its service improved (and we know who is to blame really) it could be a fantastic wee place.
  11. avatar Sadoldgit
    I have to say i got some stuff from the guitar emporium recently and they were very decent and helpfull.

    Matchetts i like and Bairds whilst it looks chaotic also have given good gear before.
  12. avatar Reckoner
    [quote:02aceef886="Devilspain"]guitar amps keyboards


    best prices cheaper than thomann at times too. ever since the euro has practically gone 1:1 with sterling thomann has been a total rip off for some stuffs.[/quote:02aceef886]
    Yeah, this is true. Thomann was fantastic a few years ago when I was on a massive spree but these days if I was to get anything I'd compare prices between it and GAK.
  13. avatar critic_al
    i go to big brian mad, down the back of albert clack, fiver an e, 15 big ones for an 1/8th, schweet
  14. avatar marr-is-god
    good call.
  15. avatar adamb1026
    Guitar Emporium lost my business and a few mates after some bad experiences.

    In my case, I bought a pedal in their sale, tried it in the store, it worked, took it home decided not to work. Travelled back up to Belfast, and it work in the store. the same battery. The guy testing it, repeadtly said 'its working look', i told him, i know that, but if I go home and it doesnt work what do i do?.
    Btw I did test many cables and I still dont understand why it didnt work. Anyway, so he brought over another staff member, explained the situation as if I was playing them about. The other staff member was much more respectful, put in a new battery and said if it still didnt work, then bring it back.

    Machetts is good enough for what you need, some decent enough prices as well. Think they still do the good, cheap Behringer pedal range.
  16. avatar heavyhitter
    I think matchetts is the best place to go. They are really dead on and let you try everthing instore. If there is something you need that they don't have, they'll order it in and you can bet your life that they will match any price you find online. I have always used them for the last 10 years and always will.
  17. avatar Danny Lynch
    ill second the call for bairds. since i began playing over 10years ago ive got nearly all my gear out of that shop. Ive gotten to know jon over the years, and himself and the other guys in there have always gone well out of their way to help me in any way possible. ive had guitars ordered in, tried every amp in the store and have always felt totally comfortable in the shop, which i dont in GE or Marcus. for me thats the difference. Ive always been relaxed in Bairds, and a wee bit in Matchetts, but never in the other 2. Plus their prices are as good as, if not better than any other place here. Id love to run a big guitar shop like somebody said, and bairds is the atmosphere id aim for. go there.
  18. avatar The Stav
    Anyone remember Crymbals on Dublin Road? It closed down in the early 90s, but I reckon it was the best music shop Belfast ever had. They'd great vintage gear for silly money, and the staff were all dead on. Good times! Guitar Emporium's probably my favourite these days, but they could do with broadening their range of music gear. Its not as if they don't have enough space. Can't stand Marcus- the staff are cocky and arrogant, and who the fuck wants to put up with that? Gordon in the guitar department is a notable exception though, the cat's a true gent. Dunno how he sticks it.
  19. avatar thecomeons_2
    bairds is overlooked as it's a bit out of the way, but worth a look. always liked it there. i never felt under pressure when trying out stuff in there.