1. avatar Andrew
    [url="http://jupiter.burtonhosting.com/~thedange/tunes/voodoo_doll.mp3"]Voodoo Doll[/url]
    [url="http://jupiter.burtonhosting.com/~thedange/tunes/wolfman.mp3"]Wolf Man[/url]

    Play loud.
  2. avatar leesub60
    Voodoo doll may just be the best DFs song yet.
  3. avatar Mick Nemesis
    i agree.
    sounding good. i like
  4. avatar ConorKane
    Sounding great, very different to the other records.
  5. avatar davethetimekeeper
    love those old skool punk -wannabe-metal-pentatonic scale solos :D
  6. avatar leesub60
    All Men Play on Pen(tatonic)

  7. avatar T Entertainment
    That stuff shreds. If there is a God, this DFs album will wipe a lot of eyes.
  8. avatar EPK
    F**k...how do you do those snare rolls, wretch?
    Great maniac party tunes,and worthy follow up to the humongous "Hellride", which I LOVE.
    I was both frightened and excited to the point of wetting myself.
  9. avatar ToiletStreet
    My United States of Whatever?
  10. avatar leesub60
    L.A Woman?
  11. avatar Norm Fireland
    Good work!! Have to say that Voodoo Doll is the best DF's song i have heard yet..
  12. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    dagnammit i done bumped the post!! Edited by: CtrlAltDeceit at: 11/5/05 5:43 pm
  13. avatar gavinearly
    They're excellent. Wasn't previously a fan of this band but those new tunes are very good. I'm impressed.
  14. avatar Wasp Boy
    I guess I'll hear Voodoo Doll tonight.

    Your songs may be good, but it's a shame you're all worthless idiiots.
  15. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    hey, correction wasp, two of them are worthless idiots, i'm a worthless gay idiot
  16. avatar Andrew
    Thanks for the feedback, fuckers. We finished the album on Tuesday and will have another MP3 online very soon. It's gonna blow your pretty little socks off.

    We still need a second guitarist so if anyone wants to hop aboard our rock'n'roll crazy train, now's the christing time to do it!

  17. avatar davethetimekeeper
    hahah our guitarist was asked to join yis but he was having none of it! :rollin
  18. avatar Kellfire
    Aye, the new album is certainly the best stuff yet.
  19. avatar xfirefishx
    LOve Voodoo Doll.
  20. avatar Andrew
    [quote]hahah our guitarist was asked to join yis but he was having none of it![/quote]

    First I've friggin' heard of it! Who is this mystery axe hero?
  21. avatar davethetimekeeper
    jamesy mc grann....payola guy did sound for one of our gigs and asked him.... :x
  22. avatar mark lanegan
    voodoo doll is actually one of the best songs ive heard by a local band. gonna be a cracker new cd like.
  23. avatar T Entertainment
    It's like Kill 'Em All covered by the Misfits. Totally rockin'.
    I think Wolfman's the better of the two, FWIW.

    Someone put these f*cks on a bill with the Deaf Club and let's see some aural violence.
    Edited by: T Entertainment at: 10/5/05 4:10 pm
  24. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Hot rockin.
  25. avatar Cheeses Christ
    Kinda gets you excited about the DFs album I reckon.
  26. avatar Kellfire
    The album is indeed very good stuff, and i'm not a huge fan at all.

    Very pop-punky at times, and hella catchy.
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    More pop-metally, I'd have said. Pop punk makes me think of Blink 182 and that sort of rubbish. This is like Motorhead songs re-interpreted by the Ramones. Or summat.
    It's just class, though, whatever.

    I'm utterly addicted to both of those. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 11/5/05 5:47 pm
  28. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    hmmm i actually like that description chris.. could it be your saying something of substance rather than cynic?
  29. avatar nonlogic liam
    the only thing Chris owns with subtance is his dirty pants after a weekend on the lurgan champagne. I like those
    songs, does that make me a back slapper? Edited by: nonlogic liam at: 11/5/05 8:23 pm
  30. avatar T Entertainment
    Yes, but like a Sunday School teacher suddenly screaming [b]'SHUT THE C*NT UP, YOU PISS-HOLE EATING LITTLE F*CK-PIPES[/b][b]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]' after years of quiet patience, sincere praise from a cynic means more.
    Cradle it to your bosom as if 'twere a new-born, terminally ill lamb. Edited by: T Entertainment at: 11/5/05 8:28 pm
  31. avatar whosbainejakey
    Hey Andy, have you sent the album in to Radio One's The Lock-Up? (punk/rock show) Rumours abound they're looking to get youse in for a session!
  32. avatar T Entertainment
    I suspect Bruce Dickinson's BBC6 producer has been up to his tricksies again. Little tinker.

    Call yourself punks? [b]F*CKING SELL OUT, MORE LIKE[/b] Edited by: T Entertainment at: 11/5/05 8:54 pm
  33. avatar I just wanna be a firecra
    [quote] Yes, but like a Sunday School teacher suddenly screaming 'SHUT THE C*NT UP, YOU PISS-HOLE EATING LITTLE F*CK-PIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' after years of quiet patience,[/quote]

    said the prosecutor in the Laura Ann Brownlee case yesterday.
  34. avatar nonlogic liam
    Oh please.
  35. avatar CtrlAltDeceit
    back to 'music' related matter... *bump*