1. avatar 128beatspermillenium
    Hi All,

    We're a Belfast based 4 piece who have been rehearsing for the past 2 months and are looking to bring on a singer now that we have some material down and know each other better musically.

    Us? Currently Drums, Guitar, Bass and Sax average age about 30 or so. (We're not fussed on how old you or young you are, so long as you are serious and up for it!)

    Influences are varied, but Imagine Thin Lizzy, Bowie, Elvis Costello, Muse, Radiohead, REM, U2, The Smiths all make eclectic bedfellows!

    Our current sound is mixture of the above, the songs themselves are platforms for all of the players to contribute. It's a nice adaptive atmosphere.

    We rehearse at a site in Dundonald.


    Well ability to sing would be a plus, as would a second instrument, Guitar or Keyboards.

    We don't do egos or wasters so if you fall into either category we won't be interested!

    Recording wise we haven't put anything down, there are a lot of demos etc of the original material we are doing, likewise we would look to do any of your material providing it made the cut and it fitted with our genre.

    Our philiosophy is simple, get togther and try to make interesting music that people will want to listen to, oh and have as much fun in the process.

    If you are interested shoot me a PM!


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