1. avatar nomoreart
    Hey folks,

    As part of Record Store Day tomorrow a nice wee intimate gig will be going on down at Backbeat in Haymarket Arcade.

    Starting at 2 o clock will be the unique tones of
    JL Seagull (if you know what it stands for they're laughing with you) and Girls Names. Casio fun and games. Also lots of the records and CDs are currently reduced and a recent donation of stock from Small Town America records in Derry will be on the racks.

    And all for free too, donations welcome.

    Support your local record shop today, tomorrow it may be too late.

    Twitter: @backbeatmusic



  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    I'll do that.
  3. avatar Persistence
    Well, that was fun.

    Somewhat surreal, extremely loud and feedback-y fun, but fun.
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    Yeah, it was great! More please :)