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    In case you're interested:

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    Oh... :)
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  4. avatar Stevie Mac
    Great article!

    Terminology question though - does 'chiptune' apply to the game soundtracks created at the time when such techniques as described in the article were still de rigeur, or only to artists/tunes who continue to slavishly use this now archaic process for aesthetic/nostalgic reasons?

    Furthermore, is it chiptune if you don't use the original hardware at all but merely [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYs0-BubNRc]emulate it in some way[/url]?

    But aye it's all good. Everyone go listen to [url=http://www.offworld.com/2009/04/tobiah-i-love-your-music.html]Tobias[/url].
  5. avatar The_Martyr
    I think people use the term 8-bit as well, which probably covers chiptune emulation too.

    Mind you, a lot of people making this music are doing it with programs that emulate these soundchips. Wow, deja vu...

    Yeah, so I think 'chiptune' has the same usage as 'graffiti' ie the movement and the work itself, and if you don't manually work with the soundchips, you can probably get away with calling it chiptune.

    I mean, if I was to play a rom of a game on an emulator of the N64, I would still be playing the game, right?