1. avatar T Entertainment
    (apparently also featuring some band called Nine Inch Nails) - anyone else get tickets?
    Tried to get standing in Manchester but ended up with seated in London, still well pleased. :D
  2. avatar Stuntman Steve
    goin to see them,NIN and the specials who are all playin the same day at oxegen. well pleased with that :)
  3. avatar 10rapid
    i'm all set for the perry farrell travelling freak show at oxegen. They were more or less totally responsible for me venturing back to the somme like conditions of punchestown. As for those other punters, nine inch whatever... I think they used to support guns n roses so they must be half decent. I think they also cover johnny cash tunes.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    I got standing tickets on Wednesday for London.
    First time they only offered me seating, but reloading the page a few times got me some standing.

    Thinking about this...I really need to stop buying concert tickets...
  5. avatar T Entertainment
    I am now unspeakably excited - the very next night I am going to see one of my other favourite bands of all time: the mighty Warrior Soul at Camden Underground!


  6. avatar in_your_room
    Underworld? Surely they're not playing in the tube station :p
  7. avatar the_vanishin
    I paid nearly double the asking price for a standing ticket for London on ebay. It's been quite a while since i was this excited about a gig :D
  8. avatar Team Horse
    Yups, got seated tickets for London, cannot wait! For Jane's Addiction that is, I can take or leave NIN.

    At least I'll be a lot happier when I actually have the tickets, due for despatch on the 24th apparantly. :D
  9. avatar in_your_room
    I got tickets today! Exciting.