1. avatar confetti
    i have a customer who has 4 4 day deposit tickets for Oxegen. She has to pay the full amount by 30th April but now is unable to go. If anyone wants to buy these let me know, and I will pass on her details to you.

    If she doesn't get them sold by 30th April she will pay the full amount of the balance and then sell the full tickets.
  2. avatar thepostboxtheory
    what is a deposit ticket?

    is it just a normal ticket?
  3. avatar Persistence
    Oh, I was thinking of going to Oxegen, but I've got an Urban Arts Academy course running at the same time. Think I'll stick to Glasgowbury '09... yeahhh :) haha.

    thepostboxtheory: I think a deposit ticket is a ticket that hasn't had the full amount paid yet; you've got the ticket and a place, but you've still got money to pay.