1. avatar rentaghost
    We are looking for ACOUSTIC performers for our Friday night music events.

    usual terms and conditions apply, ie:

    We can't pay you but we do feed you.

    All door money is given by donation, and goes to the charity the cafe is supporting.

    We book two acts for each Friday.
    Soundcheck at 6.30pm
    Music starting at 8pm

    1st set 30 mins approx
    2nd set 40 mins approx

    1 Sweet Taste (+ Maguire & I?)
    8 Tanya Strowger + Alan Kennedy
    15 SA Gold (from S Africa)
    22 Stephen Duffin
    29 John Gribbin + Craig McConnell

    5 Ten Gallon Hat and the Big Salute + Katie & the Carnival
    12 Gareth Brannigan + Elle Stevenson
    19 Cathi Moorehead + Jim Rainey (Cava)
    26 Louisiana Joyride

    Please comment below, email me, myspace me or PM me if you are interested.

    If you haven't played the cafe before, a link to your music would be most useful.

    The cafe myspace is at myspace.com/commongroundsbelfast
    My email is rentaghost31@yahoo.co.uk

    If your band normally plays an electrifed set, have a think about how it might sound played acoustic, and get in touch if you think it could work. We can cope with the odd electric guitar or two....

    Also - if you've asked before and I haven't got back to you - my apologies, please try again :)
    I get inundated with requests to play and its hard to get back to everyone.
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  2. avatar joe-bangles
    Louisiana Joyride sent you an email.
  3. avatar rentaghost
    still booking
  4. avatar niallgraham
    Email sent :) Cheers
  5. avatar rentaghost
    Hi there
    we have only three slots left for May/June, so if you are interested in a gig you need to get in touch wiht me soon!

    Slots available

    22nd May

    19th and 26th June
  6. avatar cmjfp
  7. avatar rentaghost
    19th is gone
  8. avatar rosielanners
    Hey there, your acoustic night sounds great! we'd be interested in the june slots, check us out and get back if your interested in us!