1. avatar JonnyTiernan
    OK, I've done a search on the forums for stickers but it didn't throw up many results.

    Does anyone know of any good places to get stickers printed, preferably locally? The best candidate so far has been [url]http://www.bandstickers.co.uk/[/url] but I feel like there must be more.

    Any bands got stickers run off recently?
  2. avatar Durty Rocker
    Jonny, yellow hill graphics did ours great job too cheaper tha band stickers google them you should get them....good times
  3. avatar SimonC
    Jonny - I work for a printers and I'm sure I could sort something out for you.
    Drop me a line simon@thewhig.co.uk
  4. avatar Sansie
    I'd recommend http://www.diginate.com/

    I got really good coda stickers done there, they do all shapes and sizes and they seem to do a really good price for the quality of sticker they produce!
  5. avatar JonnyTiernan
    Cheers for the info, I'll investigate each of these leads. Much appreciated.
  6. avatar Gogs

    Not local mind you, but the folk that run it post on a forum i use regularly and seem sound...