1. avatar nonemoreblack
    That's right, they're ready and waiting on myspace so knock yourself out and check our blog for more developements.

    Ta, IF. www.myspace.com/indigofury
  2. avatar nonemoreblack
    As requested these are now available for download on last FM here http://www.last.fm/music/Indigo+Fury
  3. avatar swaneeriver
    'you couldnt write a good tune if you were stuck on the moon with all the teachers teachin preachins from the book of good tunes'

    is probably one of the best lines i have ever heard in any song
  4. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    I remember seeing you boys in Letterkenny fuckin yonks ago. Probably 2000 or something. Good to see yous are keepin er country.
  5. avatar nonemoreblack
    Yes Mully, that would have been FUBAR if I remember rightly. That's the venue we had our infamous on-stage fall-out and subsequent last gig with the 4-piece. Ah, great days.