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    Are these USA made? I've heard soeone say they are made in Vietnam? Im after a good tube head but not hearing much good abt these. Any thoughts on why?
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    Since 2007 all Ampeg amps have been made in Vietnam, with some justification fans were outraged that they moved production from USA to the far east. Ive played through both an American-made SVT CL and a more recent one from Nam though & to be honest the Nam one actually sounded better.
    The spec and components inside are identical, & the Vietnamese manafacturing & QC are supposed to be excellent. Ampeg still make the best tube heads out there. There are countless threads on bass gear forums on this topic but here's one FYI:

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    My first post!
    Is this still available?

    Bit too much amp for me, but can't knock the technology behind it.

    Let me know.

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    Hi d sorry but just sold this amp earlier this week!