1. avatar warpig08
    Hi im Pete the Guitarist Rythm/lead(20) for a new band in the Belfast area called Black Mesa Incident and we're in dire need of a frontman!!

    our style and sound is quite original and along the lines of Hardcore and Progressive metal.

    we have duel guitars a drummer and a bassist already, we have plenty of our own material and 1 basic demo track of a live recording if you want to hear and have more songs in the making.

    Also have an easy to get to rehearsal space in Belfast City Centre.

    We are looking with someone with experiance and is a compotent voclaist with range similar to the bands in the influences.

    AMBITIONS - Write, Record, Gig, get out on the scene get ourselves known and see how we go.

    INFLUENCES - Architects, Bring me the Horizon, Parkway Drive, Straight Reads the line, August Burns Red, As I Lay Dying, Sikth and loads more.

    so if your a vocalist and like the sound of what we are doing and would like to give it blast PM Back or give me a shout for more info on:

    Pete Craig - mobile: 07816960423
    Email: piggy02189@hotmail.com


    Pete C
  2. avatar nadia
    just giving it a weee bump there!!

    check out our myspace for a room recording!

    http://www.myspace.com/bmiuk :-D
  3. avatar heavyhitter
    Will the music contain screaming and singing?
  4. avatar nadia
    Yeah we have talked about using both screaming and singing but singing isnt essential as our music very heavy and two of us are willing to do backing vocals be it screaming or singing.
  5. avatar warpig08
    aye i think we'd want singing for epic parts. range is good so we're not jus doing 1 thing al the time.
  6. avatar lightsinthesky
    could ya name a couple of vocalist sound-a-likes?

    I can pull of a type of phill anselmo (down) vocal thang...if that makes any sense lol..
  7. avatar Squid-G
    give me an audition, a few songs to learn, and a date n i'll give it a whirl